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Our site is currently under construction, so please be patient while the necessary data is compiled and continuously will be worth the wait!
A small group of Choir students and adults has recently returned from our first overseas tour, having visited the UK, Republic of Ireland and France, throughout which the Choir's work within schools and hospitals was further spread. After the Tour members have recovered and settled back into their study/workplace, a detailed account of the successful adventure will be uploaded appropriately.
The cultural exchange aspect of the Choir's work blossomed enormously as a direct result of the Tour group's work abroad. Therefore, The International Rainbow Society section of this website will also be updated in the very near future. People wishing to contribute to that program will need to first complete the Registration Form and include a valid email address for correspondence and participation. We are very proud of our achievements and it is so wonderful to finally be able to say of our website update, "It's's's coming!!!!!!!"
Kind Regards,
Choir Director

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