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The Australian Signing Choir Inc.

The Choir was initially established to bridge a communication gap in the community, a gap that was denying children with a significant hearing impairment, the right to access many activities that were readily accessible to those in the hearing world. In bridging this gap, it was important to educate members of both the hearing and deaf communities, in order to change perceptions of what was and what was not possible for a Deaf child to achieve.


The power to achieve is held within every individual, but sometimes we can allow our own inner power to be undermined by the negative attitudes and barriers instilled by others. With this in mind, the Choir held an objective of self-empowerment for those with a hearing impairment. At the same time, it was our objective to create a fun and inclusive learning environment for all who chose to be involved. Fortunately, literally thousands of people in Australia have chosen to be involved over the past decade. 


We have been supported by numerous organisations, businesses and individuals, in our efforts to raise the community profile of Deafness Awareness, and in our fundraising attempts to financially boost organisations in need of funding support, or to purchase an expensive item/equipment that was desperately needed by local communities.


We established programs to support the sick, and seriously and terminally ill children in Australian hospitals, as well as the elderly in nursing homes/Day Care centres, and cancer patients. We also established several annual events in support of people with disabilities.


Our special community programs will now continue into the Choir's second decade, in a revised format to suit the changing and growing needs of the community and of our organisation.


We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has in any way supported us over the past decade, to continue with our community work, including: Foundation Choir members; our Local Member of Parliament; local and regional Mayors; school Principals and staff throughout Australia; Fairy Sparkle; The Starlight Foundation; Camp Quality; The Variety Club; Ronald McDonald House in the Hunter; Muswellbrook McDonalds Family Restaurant; Muswellbrook Crane Services; local, regional, State and national media networks; the communities of the Hunter and Upper Hunter Regions. Most especially, we thank the parents of our hundreds and hundreds of members who have supported us from the conception of the Choir back in 1997 through to today!


With the kindest regards,

Choir Director

"Leading the way in Deaf communication"

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